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big size & wide footwear for the whole family

wide shoes for man


USA, shoe sizes up to 21

Need big size house slippers? Extra wide golf shoes? Size 20 water shoes or flip-flops?

2BigFeet has everything you need as far as big size and large width footwear is concerned!

Super selection of shoes, boots, sandals in sizes up to 21 and width up to 6E.

Socks also available in sizes up to xxxxl.

shoes for big feet

big shoes

USA, shoe sizes up to 22

This company will accomodate men with the longest feet! The selection is amazing and you'll find the perfect shoe if you're looking for big and large size shoes in those categories:

  • boat shoes

  • flip flops

  • sports shoes

  • sneakers

  • hiking shoes

big feet big


Canada, shoe sizes up to 21

Can't stand to have your feet wet? Take a look at Bogs' fabulous collection of waterproof boots!

Garden boots, farm boots, large size hunting boots, winter boots: they have them all. 

No more wet feet with their waterproof footwear for men and women.

croc canada


Canada, shoe sizes up to 17

There's a reason why nurses, doctors and dentists love their Crocs: it's the comfort!

Crocs will adjust to your feet and simply become more and more comfortable as you wear them. Perfect for gardening, if you need to stay on your feet during long period of times or simply because they're super cool!

size 18 shoes

foot locker

USA, shoe sizes up to 18

Can't find big tennis, baseball, running shoes at your regular store? Go to Foot Locker, the shop where they can fit feet up to 18 in sizes.

They carry the best brands for men, women and kids. Don't miss the 'fan' section where you can shop for your favorite sports' team caps, tees and hoodies.

gize size shoes for men


USA, shoe sizes up to 20

Here you can shop shoes and boots as per your feet condition such as hammertoes, bunions, diabetes, plantar fasciitis and more.

You'll also be able to specify the features you are looking for such as: deep toe box shoes, breathable, machine washable, shock absorber and lots more technicalities! 

All the best brands are offered, for men and women. Width up to 6E.

stretchable shoe


Canada, shoe sizes up to 18

Stretchable shoes, washable footwear, wide calf boots, waterproof shoes: you'll find all that and more at Propet.

You will discover the perfect footwear not matter your condition wether it's bunions, flat feet or plantar fasciittis in super large widths and up to size 18 for men.

Take advantage of their 38 + years of experience with specialty shoes!

boot for big calf


USA, shoe sizes up to 13

If you have wide legs, you know it's very complicated to find nice boots that will fit and suit you. WideWidths offers an amazing assortment of wide, large booths that will accommodate calves up to 24 1/4 inches.

In fact, there are no other boot store that will help you get that awesome pair of boots that will perfectly fit you, no matter what size your calves are!